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In today's economy money needs to be spent and invested wisely. 
A home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. 
It is my job to help you along the path of buying that home.

Many questions are asked when looking and many items are overlooked.  I will help find them!

  1. Why is that roof sagging?  What's causing it to do that?

  2. Is there enough insulation in the attic?  How about the ventilation up there; is there condensation?

  3. How good is the roof and and how long will it last?

  4. Are the furnace and air conditioning unit OK?  When will they need repair or replacement?

  5. Is the electrical service OK?  Is it adequate?

  6. Why is all that corrosion on those water pipe fittings?  Is the plumbing OK?

  7. What's causing those cracks in the basement walls?  Will they keep growing?

  8. Why does the floor squeak in the bathroom and hallway?

Many more are asked and it is my job to help answer all those questions! 
If I cannot answer satisfactorily, I will recommend a qualified contractor to view that item.

Components of an Inspection

  1. Roof and Structure - Watch for straight walls and roof line - no bowing or sagging.

  2. HVAC - Clean heating equipment and A.C. -  a sign of service and maintenance.

  3. Electrical - Check main panel and service to house, test receptacles, switches, lighting and GFCI outlets if present.

  4. Interior Condition - Walls look good with no cracks, windows clean and operate properly? Is the flooring OK?

  5. Basement or Crawl Spaces - Check for cracks, movement, settling.  Watch for moisture penetration and mold/mildew forming.

  6. Plumbing - Check entire supply and drainage systems.  Check for leaks or deterioration.

  7. Exterior - Condition of siding, etc., vegetation, shrubs, trees near house; also landscape - proper pitch around foundation.

NOTE: Home inspections go best with few or no interruptions.  Most clients arrive near the end of the inspection while some are present the whole time.

Inspections are always verbally reviewed and items printed out.  I also try to give prices on various items for replacement or repair.

Bottom line - I'm there to help and satisfy the inspection needs of you, the consumer, on your next investment. Give me a chance to serve you


In the past 44 years, I have been mainly engaged in roofing and, in later years, remodeling and home building.  All this "hands on" experience helps me understand what makes a good home.

From 2004 to 2006 I have trained and been tested by the State of Wisconsin to be certified for "home inspections" and new construction and additions (UDC).  Annual continuing education classes and head to head training seminars keep me up to date with today's problems and current trends.  In the past many of my clients have commented that I take my time, am very thorough and precise in my inspections.  That is what buyers and builders need and want with their investment.

Helpful Information

What to Expect from your Home Inspection

Guidelines to Construction
Inspections During Construction

    Fee Schedule

Home Inspections
To do a complete analysis, a home inspection takes a minimum of 3 hours. (Most are 3-4 hours)

Average homes
     2,000 sq. ft & under
     Over 2,000 sq. ft.


Seasonal Cottage or Cabin



         Condos $275.00
         Out Buildings & Detached Garage  No Extra Charge
          Will Do Component Inspections on Request $  50.00 each

     New Construction (UDC)

On Site Framed Construction
    (minimum of 8 inspections)

First 800 sq. ft. of finished area


Over 800 sq. ft. of finished area

$    .15/sq. ft.

Unfinished Areas -
Garage, Basements, Decks, Porches

$    .05/sq. ft.

Extra Inspections - Violations

$  50.00/visit

Manufactured/Modular Homes
     (5 inspections)


Additions, Mobile, Outbuildings

       State Seal if needed $40.00

Fees for UDC are due @ Permit Approval
Fees for Home Inspection due @ Receipt of Report