Agency # 1017996


Guidelines to Construction per UDC
Inspections - During Construction

UDC Cert.  960410

  1. Obtain Sanitary Permit from County Zoning or through Plumber or Soil Tester.
  2. Apply for use permit from Local Municipality.
  3. Have 2 SETS of SITE and BUILDING Plans.
  4. Have Energy Worksheet- SB5518 or Wis Rescheck filled out by Designer or HVAC Contractor
  5. List of all contractors and proper certification numbers. Owner may draw and sign permit app. but assumes all responsibility during the building process!!!!
  6. Contact Inspector.  He will provide the necessary forms and state seal and approve the 2 sets of site and building plans.
  7. Always plan ahead for 2 day window for inspections. Inspector has 48 hrs to inspect after notification or construction may resume.
    1. Excavation and footing forms and possible soil erosion.
    2. Poured footings and walls and drain tiles before backfill.
    3. General rough framing
    4. Rough electric
    5. Rough Plumbing
    6. Rough  HVAC
    7. Insulation and Vapor Barriers
    8. Final Occupancy mandatory, to insure no health or safety issues for owners/occupants.
  9. Code violations have 30 days to rectify and bring into compliance.
  10. Recall inspections will be charged as per fee schedule and due at Final Occupancy.
  11. Maintain soil erosion until site is stable and tracking onto public roadways will be cleaned up daily or within 24 hrs.
  12. Changes in Building Plans must be approved by INSPECTOR reason; not to diminish integrity of structure.
  13. All inspections will be recorded and posted at inspected areas.
  14. A Building Permit lasts for 2 years even if exterior is not finished.
  15. Any questions during construction please call any time,
    Cell # 608 574-3880
  16. Further Assistance Dept of Commerce 608-266-3151 or e-mail udctech@commerce.state.wi.us

Following the PLAN and close communications will help your building process go smoothly.   Thank you.

Dennis A. Franek