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What to expect from your home inspection


UDC Cert.  960410

   I am a "home inspector"; not an engineer, licensed plumber, electrician, HvAC contractor, biologist, mechanic, or foundation specialist.  I am trained to spot problem areas that are not concealed.  My job is to alert my clients to potential repair issues in the home they are buying .  I don't guarantee the home against defects and if you want a guarantee you should get one from the seller or purchase one from companies who sell them.

   What I can do is point out areas of concern and provide you with useful information about potential problems, home maintenance issues, and tell you when you need to call an expert with specialized knowledge.  The effort spent is nearly always worth the time and trouble.

   I do a great deal of talking during an inspection and realize over the course of 3-4 hours you may not be listening to everything  I say and there may be some areas I address that you don't understand.  I include everything of importance in my report.  You should pay special attention to my summary page and those sections in my report where I recommend further evaluation or testing by a "qualified contractor".

   When I am done with my inspection, I will take time to review it totally with you as that is in my "standard of practice".  I'll give you time to read the report and ask any further questions on any items contained within it.  You can take all the time you need.  If you want me to write a more detailed explanation of anything addressed, I will.  This is the time to ask questions as all the information abour the home is still fresh in my mind.

   After reading the report and asking questions, I will assume you understand what is contained in it.  People's memories, including mine, tend to fade over time and I can only be responsible for what is contained in the report and not what someone else thinks they remembered.

   I care about you and the large purchase you may be making.  I take my responsibility very seriously! I promise to do the best job I can, but all I can do is make judgement calls based on my experience and training.

   You should pay special attention to the Seller's Real Estate Condition Report and any disclosures made.  Home sellers have usually lived in a house for many years, through wet and dry seasons and have done remodeling or painting that may conceal problems.  I will do my best to spot these issues BUT sometimes I can't.  The more information you can get from the seller the better you will understand any potential issues.